Message Church is a prophetic, non-denominational, charismatic, multi-cultural church that is Holy Spirit directed.  Since love is who God is, it is our fervent desire that everything we do is wrapped in His love.  We love people…not matter who they are or what they have done and we provide a loving environment for people, in every stage of life, to experience the true love of Jesus. Love never fails!

Every service at Message Church is unique.  Because our services are Spirit-led, we allow the Gifts of the Spirit to operate freely.  Message Church has dynamic praise and worship where lives are hearts are healed and encouraged as we corporately worship our Lord.  The preached and prophetic Word of God results in transformed lives as the truth of who He is clearly revealed.

At Message Church everything we do is Bible based.  God’s word speaks to every part of who we are…body, soul and spirit.  As we study His Word together, the words go from the pages of the Bible into our hearts.  We are empowered by His truth to be relevant in our society.  Because our lives have been changed, we desire to be His instrument of hope and love to bring change to others as they see an alive and loving God operating in us.  We have been transformed by His love, and we want to freely give His love away to others.

Matthew 6:33 is a foundation scripture of Message Church. We believe as our primary focus is to advance the cause of Christ…the Kingdom of God upon the earth, that everything we need in this natural world will be ours.  That is His promise, and because we are people of strong faith, we believe His Word without wavering.

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